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Day 3119
Manchester, United Kingdom
21st October 2012
I went to my first football match yesterday since we drew with Arsenal back in September. It is very unlike me to miss a football match and to go so long without seeing Manchester City play is unheard of unless I am out of the country.

I could not make the midweek trip back to Manchester from Leeds to see us play Aston Villa. I was feeling ill so I decided not to go down to Fulham and after taking two days off work ill I decided it was wise not to go to see Borussia Dortmund or Sunderland and watch it on television.

WBA v Manchester City

My reward for going down to West Bromwich Albion was that I saw us dominate the game with ten men but unable to score a goal. That was until I left the stadium and then they decided to bring on the hit man Dzeko and win the game in extra time.

It is always disappointing going to a game and not seeing your team score but to miss the equaliser and winner is hard to take. I should have known better having not left the games against Gillingham and QPR and witnessed two great comebacks.

I am off to Amsterdam on Wednesday to see Manchester City play Ajax which is a must win game and I will not be leaving early to beat the traffic back home.

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