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 iPhone Temperature

Day 3258
Melbourne, Australia
9th March 2013
The past week in Melbourne has been very hot with temperatures rising above 30 degree Celsius and hitting 36/37 this week. I went to a job interview on Friday and I had to get my friend to drop me off at the door in her air conditioned car but when I left within 5 minutes I was dripping.

My shirts and trousers are more suited to an English winter and not an Australian Summer. I must have looked a right state as when I went into a newsagent to get a bottle of water he asked me if I wanted any tissues. I informed him that I was fine as I was on my way home to jump straight into the swimming pool and cool off.

I forgot that when you leave your iPhone in the burning sun that it overheats and shuts itself down to cool off. I imagine most people in England have never seen this screen.

I am still living at my friends house and they are both looking after me very well, I highly recommend a long weekend at the Canning house. The food is excellent, fresh towels, great company and a refreshing pool to cool off in.

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