Happy New Year

koh samui thailand

I have arrived in Koh Samui and the hotel is so much nicer than my previous two. I am so excited I can finally recharge my electric toothbrush and have a good night sleep in a big comfy bed.

The breakfast buffet is very civilised and unlike at my last hotel the guests do not act like pigs at a trough. Some days it felt as if you were fighting for the food and the toaster queue required a few days training or it was bread for breakfast.

The weather here has been mixed, a couple of good days to start and then cloudy and rain. The NYE gala dinner was unfortunately scheduled to start just as the heavens opened and it did not stop for hours.

It was a shame as the food was amazing if you did not mind getting soaked as you moved from one buffet marquee to another. I decided to just stand up in the marquee next to the food and eat there.

When the rain stopped we went onto the beach and saw the new year in with a firework display with them going off from all the islands around us. It was a very enjoyable and funny evening made better with my comedy duo.

Happy New Year everyone, all the best health and happiness for 2013.

haappy new year 2013 haappy new year 2013