Marbella, Spain

Day 3778. 11 August 2014


Marbella, Spain

Day 3778. 11 August 2014

A few days before going to Europe I received a text saying my credit card will be reissued to a world card and one will be sent out to me. As this was my main credit card as I collect Emirates air miles on it I immediately called Citi.

I pleaded with them to not touch the card and wait until I returned but they assured me it would be with me before I left Australia.

A day before I left it still had not arrived so I called them to chase it up. Unbeknown to me they cancelled the card as I had not received it and reissued another despite knowing that I had no way to get the new card and even worse they did not tell me what they had done.

As I left to go to the airport I checked my mailbox one more time and sat there waiting for me was a brand new Citi World Card. I happily put it in my bag and I was ready to go and see my family in Europe for a few months.

I get to Europe and my Citi World Card is refused, I give them a call and they tell me the card I have has been cancelled and a new one reissued. I am shocked to say the least, after a lot of phone calls at my expense they agree to courier one to me in Spain.

A week passed and no sign of the credit card, my friends and family could not believe how poor this service was compared to past experiences they had and despite several more phone calls at my expense nobody could tell me where it was.

I finally had enough, I was missing out on the chance to collect more air miles and running up big phone bills so I demanded to speak to a manager. After demanding they give me a tracking number as I had no access to my account so I could not pay off any balance due and they had now starting charging me for missed payments.

They refused to give me a tracking number and only after a few heated phone calls with a manager she admitted that the card was never sent to Spain and I had been lied to the whole time.

Shocked is an understatement, to be lied to by so many people shows that this call centre has a serous issue with honesty and integrity. If they had said this weeks then another could have been sent and it would have been fine.

This went on for weeks until I refused to speak to them as they were saying nothing and costing me money calling me on my Australian mobile despite me giving them my English mobile number.

In conclusion, I never got a replacement card, I never got an apology, they offered me 5000 air miles which were never credited to my account.

Out of all the credit card I have Citi Credit Card is the only one that gets reissued on a regularly basis due to security fraud. After speaking to this customer call centre I would not be surprised if this was the route cause.

Thankfully Emirates assisted me in getting another card so I can collect air miles with them and I was able to buy a business class seat home. Oh I did not mentioned that I had no return flight, thanks Citi.

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