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Rain Room

Rain Room

I finally managed to get a ticket to the Rain Room in Melbourne which is an exhibition of an 100 square metre field of continuous rainfall. You can walk around and immerse yourself in the rain without getting wet.


Seaford Beach

Seaford Beach

First sunny and warm day of Spring so time to take the roof off and drive to the beach.


end of Europe Summer 2017

adiós España

adiós España hasta el próximo verano






Roxy Birthday

Roxy Birthday

Roxy Birthday


new Chairs

New Chairs

I have finally decided to get myself some additional chair as I will be spending a lot more time at home working and sat in the one chair all the time is giving me back ache.


emirates business class lounge melbourne

Flying to Manchester

I flew back to England this evening to surprise my family for my cousins wedding in Manchester. Only my aunty who is planning the wedding, one friend and my dad know I am due to arrive but I had to give my dad a false date in case he tells my mum.


WBA,Manchester City


I went to my first football match yesterday since we drew with Arsenal back in September. It is very unlike me to miss a football match and to go so long without seeing Manchester City play is unheard of unless I am out of the country.


contract renewal

Contract Renewal

Yesterday was the end of my three month contract working as a contractor for GE in Leeds. I accepted an extension for another three months but I am going to start working from Manchester two days a week and three days in Leeds.


Ben Spier Simon Donn Godskitchen


Last night Ben Spier was in Melbourne with his team playing Godskitchen. We started the night off by going to DJ Helena's penthouse for a drink of what resembled toxic waste and then heard her play at Q-Bar before we went to Godskitchen around 12.30am. It turned out the club Q-Bar is opposite my flat tucked away down an alley which is handy to know.


Godskitchen October 2006


The past few days the weather has been very hot in Melbourne. Saturday was 26 degrees and sunny which is amazing in October, roll on Global Warming.


New Haircut

New Haircut

I was quoted in the newspaper today, the Herald Sun about a comment made by the Former chief commissioner about everyone should have a parachute in flats and offices in case of a terrorist attack. So my reaction , on page 3 was as follows. You can read the full story here




I woke up thinking today was going to be like any other Sunday. As I walked around Sainsburys grabbing some food for the week down by the floor I caught sight of .... VIMTO