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Centurions Trophy Tour 2018

Centurions Trophy Tour

To celebrate Manchester City's Premier League and Carabao Cup victories last season, the Club have taken the trophies on the road for the Centurions Trophy Tour, presented by Etihad Airways.


Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways

My first experience flying with Qatar Airways and when I finish my therapy I will update this post with my experience ... fyi it was not good




Barca at home


Gang Reunited

Gang Reunited

Gang Reunited


Sushi Mad

Sushi Mad

A new sushi restaurant has opened up near my flat and even better they offer delivery so I have been eating a lot recently.


Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2 3D

Cloudy 3D

I had less than a week left in Manchester before I went back to Melbourne and I wanted to take my nephew out to do something special. We decided we would go and see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 in 3D and I treated him to seats in the VIP section.


Grand Prix Elite Karting Leeds

Harveys Stag

My best friend in the world is getting married so I went on her future husbands stag do this weekend in Leeds. I spend the week in Leeds for work so I know the area well but I was hoping for a weekend somewhere different.


Roomzzz in Leeds

Hotel Mistake

Last week I decided to stay in a different hotel as they do say a change is as good as a holiday and booked in the one opposite the office I work in Leeds called Roomzzz. I however, did not know there were two of them in Leeds and of course I had booked in the one that was over a mile away.


drinking on the streets of melbourne

Drinking on the Streets

I have been driven to the bottle, and not only drinking but drinking and smoking on the streets of Melbourne like a true Aussie. Friday I had three leaving parties and one welcome party with a double booking at one point.


Water Usage 233 litres a day

Water Usage Part 3

I got my third water bill and I managed to reduce my average daily usage from the last quarter but I am still not below my first bill which I am using as my benchmark. It is really hard to comprehend how one person can use an average of 233 litres a day, that is an average which means on a Sunday I must use at least 1000 litres.


Tanya and Nev's Housewarming Party

Housewarming party

The weather has been great in Melbourne the past couple of weeks. Warm and Sunny and since the clocks moved forward and we are now in Summer Time the sun is out later each day. This is the first summer in my new flat and the balcony is far superior to Eureka, I can come home from work at 5pm and catch the sun till it sets about 8pm creating an amazing orange sunset.




Today was a public holiday in Melbourne for the Melbourne Cup Race, which is a horse race that is ran every year. I went to a girls house, Tanya who used to work at Lonely Planet with me. She and her husband, Nev had a BBQ and invited some friends and family around. The weather was not the best but at least it was dry, you do not need the sun to have a BBQ in Australia.


Dinner with the Jacksons

Jackson House

We went to my mums cousins house for dinner and a movie. The movie was not quite what I expected, most people have cinemas in homes but not everyone has a full size cinema screen with seating for up to 100 people, double projectors so when the 1st film reel finishes the 2nd starts with no interuptions and a pre release film courtesy of the Beverly Hills Film Club.


melbourne cup

Melbourne Cup

Tuesday was the Melbourne Cup , it is a horse race if you did not know. The day was a complete washout , the rain did not stop and there was a wind that would put the Amsterdam wind to shame.