On this Week


Denis Sulta Timber Yard

Denis Sulta

Denis Sulta and Bradley Zero, two highly lauded international artists have returned to Melbourne to play a 3 hour set at the Timber Yard and we have tickets.


Twilight Safari

Sunset Safari

As an early birthday treat for my friend and flatmate I booked us on a Sunset Safari at Werribee Open Range Zoo.


Elrow Psychedelic Trip

Elrow Psychedelic

Elrow Melbourne Psychedelic Trip


The Art of Banksy

The Art of Banksy

A Banksy retrospective, featuring more than 80 of his best-known works, and exhibited in a gallery space. Does it sound like something that the British artist – an anti-establishment icon – would ever approve?


Donut Found

Donut Found

Donut Found




I knew it was time for a hair cut when I woke up with a Mohawk but my sisters response to my photo has started to worry me a bit more lol.


Australia Day Beach

Australia Day

Today was Australia Day and I made good use of the good weather and headed to my local beach. I wish I had gone further out as Port Melbourne Beach is a bit smelly and because of all the cruise ships there the water is not very clean.


samui buri hotel Fire Show BBQ night

Samui Buri Fire Show

I have just had dinner at the Samui Buri restaurant on the beach and tonight was BBQ night and a fire show. BBQ Thai does not really work, I mean how do you stop the noodles and rice from falling onto the coals below.


Dexter Cavalier King Charles


I do not have much to say but one of my new years resolutions was to post at least once a month and I know I will not have time tomorrow as I am travelling back to Leeds.


Brighton Beach Google Maps

January Update

I have just realised that I have not posted anything in 2011. I know, it is a disgrace but here I am confirming that I am still here, alive and breathing.


sweating boy in the heat

Hot Night

Last night equaled the hottest night ever in Melbourne History. It was 34 degrees Celsius the entire night and at 9AM it had only dropped to 30. The only other time that temperatures have gone over 40 degrees Celsius and not dropped below 34 degrees Celsius during the night was in February 1902. They are predicting the temperature will rise again to 40 degrees Celsius today before a cool change comes in later this afternoon so at least tonight is expected to be cool.


Vicki Casselson,eyecandy promotions


First day back at work today and I was glad to be back busy again after two weeks off work. My friend , Vicki came all the way out to Australia from England to spend NYE with me which was amazing that she made such a huge effort for little old me :)


Sony Vaio HDMI

Sony Vaio with HDMI

My laptop finally decided to call it a day and committed suicide. Cause of Death: Hard drive failure and burnt out motherboard caused by overheating. I managed to remove the hard drive and plug it into my new laptop so I still have my data. This happened on Friday night and Saturday morning having opened it up my worst fears came true. It was beyond repair, 3 years is a very good run for a laptop so I should not really complain. It was not a good start to the weekend. This is my new replacement and it has got HDMI output :). I have to say a big thank you to Simon Whatley for helping me through my Vista Nighmare.


Australian Open

Australian Open 2007

Friday was a public holiday for Australia Day so it has been a long weekend.


Darius Vassell's cool finish doubles the home side

Man City 3-1 Man Utd

What a start to the new year, My first derby on my big screen. Scott, who I work with and also in a band called Stroll came round to watch the game and we did not disappoint.



51mon Stats

Hi, it is a sunny day today so I am just posting some stats if anyone is interested before I go to the beach. ssshhh no one mention football.