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15 Year Anniversary

15 Year Anniversary

Today, the 7th April 2019 is my 15 Year Anniversary of leaving England for a new life in Australia.


Pretzel the long necked turtle


The eastern long-necked turtle is an east Australian species of snake-necked turtle that inhabits a wide variety of water bodies and is an opportunistic feeder.


ROC Race

ROC Race

The Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge 5k (ROC Race) is the original game show-inspired obstacle fun run featuring larger-than-life obstacles set along a 5k walk/run course.


Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo


leaving party

leaving party

leaving party


working hard

Working Hard

I have been waking up at 6AM everyday as I am working so far out of the city that it takes me one hour to get to work. When I get there the only options for coffee is a mobile coffee shop and with limited food options.


Easter Egg Joke


I started work this week after a long break and it went well. I am still staying at my friends house in Seddon so hopefully once I get my own place my commute to work will be shorter. I had a few teething problems, missing the train, getting on the wrong tram, trying to find somewhere to get lunch but hopefully that will all sort it self out very soon.


one year anniversary


Today is my one year anniversary from coming back from Australia and the sun has come out in Manchester to help me celebrate. If you wrap up warm and shelter from the cold wind then you can kid yourself that it is actually warm here.


Reservoir Google Maps


I have moved out of my apartment in South Yarra and I am temporally located in Reservoir before departing for England. I have only been here one day so it is a bit early to make any judgements but wow am I far away from everything LOL. The blue spot on the image is where I used to live so as you can see I have moved inland .... a lot.


lucky easter bunny rabbit's foot

Easter Bunny

I must have dropped a dishcloth or walked under a ladder because last month I had a run of bad luck that I thought would never end.


V Festival,human league,madness

V Festival

It has been a long time since I have posted anything so here is a rundown. I have been in two earthquakes in Melbourne, one which knocked me off my feet and the other whilst I was baking on the balcony which gave me a shock. We have also had several after shocks but they were only minor.


Green Mash potatoes and broccoli

Green Mash

This is what I like to call Green Mash, it won't turn you into the hulk but tastes good. It started a few months ago when I was boiling some potatoes and broccoli and I left them on the heat for about 30mins whilst I was on the phone. When I returned the potatoes were overcooked and i just had to mash the lot together.


Mazeltov to Gemma and Jimmy

One Year

It has nearly been a year since I left England (not counting the brief trip back home) and it has flown.




This is my first holly schrine from Bangkok.