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 Wooloot Watch

Day 2507
Melbourne, Australia
17th February 2011
I finally got my replacement Wooloot watch, well I say replacement I had to pay for a new one. For a product which is supposed to come with a lifetime warranty I was not happy when it broke within a week but even worse was the lack of response from Wooloot by email or twitter.

It has taken two months for them to arrive from the USA and for some strange reason they decided to put the tiniest envelope in a huge box. There are 3 watches in there so I wonder if they also do the same for one watch.

This one looks as shoddy as the other one so hopefully with the three I have I may just have enough to last me till the end of next month :)

There has to be a reason you can not buy them in Australia maybe it is because we have very high levels of quality control as seen by the recent Power Balance investigation where it was found to be a scam and they were forced to offer a full refund and NO I did not purchase one of those.

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