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Day 2600
Marbella, Spain
22nd May 2011
I have been horizontal for most of the day and before you say that sounds like a hard life then STOP. This is a dangerous hobby and has now spun fads like Planking which is the action of lying face down with arms to the sides of the body, I am more of a lying face up kind of person. People have been charged by the police and even killed, so before you pass judgement just take a moment to think of the casualties.

On 15 May 2011, Acton Beale, a 20-year-old man, plunged to his death after reportedly planking" on a seventh-floor balcony in Brisbane, Australia.

I have not moved all day and ordered my lunch from the restaurant next door and had it delivered to me in the garden. It is a shame they are not open yet for dinner as then I could stay within the grounds permanently. I think the security guard thought I was a new employee yesterday LOL.

This is the waiter bringing me my lunch, he looks a bit puzzled why I am taking a picture of him.


  1. Lol x

    • Fran
    • Sunday, May 22nd at 4:51am
  2. I know how funny, LOL xx

    • Simon
    • Sunday, May 22nd at 7:33am

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