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Day 2623
Marbella, Spain
14th June 2011
I flew back to Spain this morning at 6 AM using EasyJet from Liverpool and it is quite an experience. You do not get assigned seats and the airport had one shop which had no magazines in it as it was so early.

You have to get to on a bus and then you all rush up the stairs trying to get the best seats. We managed to get a row of 3 between 2 of us so that was good and we even landed 20 minutes early.

However good it was landing early I much prefer flying from Manchester using Monarch, at least at that airport you have a wide selection of shops and can get even get a magazine and a sandwich.

I am now in Spain till Sunday and then flying back to Manchester to stay there for a while, hopefully sometime in August when Jayden comes out.

  1. I had a choice of Nuts magazine or hard code porn lol

    • simon
    • Wednesday, June 15th at 8:11am

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