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 Back in Manc

Day 2629
Manchester, United Kingdom
20th June 2011
I came back from Spain very early this morning using EasyJet and looking around at the passengers I started to wonder what percentage of passengers are first time flyer's as there were a lot of clueless people on-board.

The two girls sat next to me looked like they had come straight from a Bet Lynch look-a-like competition. Everything was gold and every time they moved all you could hear was jangling from the gold bracelets.

After seeing them struggle for a while I showed them how to switch the cold air on and that they could put the seat back and then ended the flight with a heated discussion about why she should switch her phone off when we were landing and about flight mode on her iPhone.

She won and kept it on the whole time, the stewardess did not seem to care or even check if everyone had switched off all electrical devices.

I am happy to say we landed safe and sound and then onto the tarmac where a bus was waiting to take us to the terminal. I half expected someone to take my picture when I came down the stairs and then try to sell it me.

I am struggling today to keep awake but thankfully the weather is dry today and the sky is blue and I have just managed to get a half hour nap.

I got a notification of a failed delivery of my macbook pro which means it should come any time on Monday, very excited :)

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