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Day 2671
Manchester, United Kingdom
31st July 2011
This weekend in Manchester the weather has been lovely and sunny so on Saturday I managed to grab an hour on the balcony in the sun whilst my nephew was fast asleep. When he finally decided to get up I went to his house and we played in the garden until the ice cream van came up the street.

He managed to taste five different ice creams before he settled on a 99 flake which I did tell him was the best choice. We then took him to Pizza Express where I managed to fit three courses in for a 5PM dinner.

Later on that night I went to Gemmas 30th Birthday party which was a festival theme, aka GemRock and the house was decorated amazingly and was well worth the effort. The sweet shop or lollies as the aussies say were amazing or should I say ARE amazing as I am still eating them, every party should have sweets :)

My usual Sunday of packing, booking trains and a hotel for my week in Leeds is nearly over and I will see you all next Saturday in Manchester.

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