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Day 2751
Manchester, United Kingdom
19th October 2011
I came back from Leeds last night to see Manchester City attempt a first win in the Champions League at the third attempt and they left it till injury time to put us out of our misery. Thankfully we have a genius called Sergio Agüero who scored the winner to make the score 2-1 against Villarreal CF.

The first half was so boring that my brother and I seemed to enjoy watching the fans making paper aeroplanes out of the banners they left on the seats but thankfully the second half was a drastic improvement to keep our hopes alive of qualifying for the next round.

I came back to Manchester tonight as I am going to start working from here every Thursday and Friday and I am looking forward to getting into my own bed tonight and being able to get more than seven hours sleep before heading down to my brothers office where I will be setting up camp.

The best of this arrangement is surely some home cooking and not having to live on takeaways and eating in hotel rooms and seeing more of my nephew.

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