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Day 2854
Manchester, United Kingdom
30th January 2012
I do not have much to say but one of my new years resolutions was to post at least once a month and I know I will not have time tomorrow as I am travelling back to Leeds.

This weekend Manchester City were not playing so I had no football which was very boring so I started watching season two of Boardwalk Empire and I only have two episodes left which I plan to watch tonight.

The only interesting story to tell you was last week I walked out of my local takeaway and as I pressed my key to unlock my car unbeknown to me was that someone else had done the same from the takeaway next door. I walked over to what I thought was my car as the lights had flashed and opened the door. Suddenly a man shouted 'OI what you doing?' at which point I realised I had opened his car and was about to climb into his drivers seat.

I quickly replied 'Sorry, wrong car.' and looked up to see my car behind a white van and ran to it without looking back. Thankfully embarrassing tales like this do not happen frequently enough to blog about.

I went around to my friends house on Sunday to see her new Cavalier King Charles called Dexter and he is nothing like the only other Dexter I know who is a serial killer. He is so tiny that his toys are bigger than he is and dragging them to his bed takes all his energy and he looks ready to collapse. When he gets bigger I will introduce him to my nephew as my dog is an oldie and can not handle a 3 year old with enough energy to put Duracell to shame.

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