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Day 2916
Manchester, United Kingdom
1st April 2012
Today is my one year anniversary from coming back from Australia and the sun has come out in Manchester to help me celebrate. If you wrap up warm and shelter from the cold wind then you can kid yourself that it is actually warm here.

The first three months when I came back from Australia were very relaxing as the weather was warm in England and when it was not I went to Spain to stay at my parents place. I found time to see my friends and family and with no work I could sit back and relax and contemplate my next path in life. I knew that life could not last forever and I was getting bored so I applied for a job.

I then started consulting to GE in Leeds and joined an amazing team of talented people and for the next nine months I stayed in Leeds during the week in various hotels and my parents house in Manchester at the weekend. It has been a great opportunity to be able to work and not have to worry about running a house and the expenses involved in that. I have had all my dinners cooked for me and my clothes all washed and I can honestly say I am not missing those chores.

In those nine months I have stayed at the Park Plaza, Radisson Blue, Marriott, KSpace, Mint, Roomzzz, Hilton, Malmaisson, DoubleTree and this week I added another to the list, The New Ellington.

I now start another three month contract for GE as I enter my second year back in Manchester.

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