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 Linley and Simpson

Day 3057
Leeds, United Kingdom
20th August 2012
I was expecting to blog about how I picked up the keys to my new flat in Leeds and I was excited about finally moving out of hotels and into my own bed. I even went out on Saturday and purchased ben linen, towels, pillows and other various bits and bobs.

I had nothing to be scared of, the agents Linley and Simpson in Leeds had told me that I had the flat. I had paid a deposit and they said I would not need to sign a personal guarantee. I was not keen on paying six months rent upfront as it was only a six month lease so I offered a personal guarantee from either myself or my dad. Linley and Simpson said neither was necessary,

I was then told they do not manage the property and the landlord wanted to meet me in person which I thought was strange but I agreed and waited fifteen minutes for him, when he did not arrive I telephoned Linley and Simpson and they tracked him down.

I met him and we chatted for a bit, he said there was not a problem and I could pick the keys up on Monday. He gave me the TV Licence form to complete and then asked what my full name was which I gave him.

As I said above, I went around on Saturday buying for my new flat and did not book any accommodation for the week in Leeds.

I was therefore shocked to receive the following from Linley and Simpson at ten in the morning with no explanation of why he had suddenly changed his mind and broke a verbal agreement.

The landlord has made contact to say that he does not want to go ahead with the let I'm afraid so we cannot proceed any further with it. Sorry if this has caused you any inconvenience but ultimately we have to follow his instruction on it.

I will keep you all updated with how I go with reclaiming my money back from Linley and Simpson in Leeds and the mystery of who took my flat. I presume if the landlord does not want to give you the flat based on colour or race he can not do it to your face but a verbal agreement and handshake has to be worth something.

He is a property developer himself, or so he claimed but he has proven his word is worth nothing. The agency were very slow at processing the application even though I filled out the forms within one hour of viewing the property I am now in the third week of having to deal, thankfully for the last time with Linley and Simpson.

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