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 iPhone 5

Day 3092
Manchester, United Kingdom
24th September 2012
I got my new iPhone 5 delivered to my house from Apple which saved me having to camp outside on the street for days or spending hours in a queue waiting to be served. I prefer going directly to the big man himself and having it sat at home awaiting my arrival from a day at work.

It looks good, just the same as my 4S but it is bigger and lighter which were the two reasons I upgraded. I have seen lots of complaints about rattling parts, purple haze on images and scratches but no complaints from me. Apple must keep all the good stock for themselves :)

I plugged the iPhone into my mac and soon it all looked the same as my old one. This is the biggest advantage to not swapping to Andriod as I can be up and running as I was before with my new phone within thirty minutes.

My dad however managed to put his iPhone4 into recovery mode. I left him for 10 minutes whilst his phone was backing up and when I returned his phone was in recovery mode and his iTunes was downloading over 300 applications. I fixed his phone and pleaded with him not to touch his iPad until the next day as it was late and I had already done two phones.

The next day I went to see my nephews and my brother in law was off to collect his new iPhone 5 from the O2 shop. I knew what was coming and I tried desperately to leave before he returned but I had promised my nephew a Pizza Express takeaway and so I was trapped.

I did not have to do much work with this one, just reassure him that it was ok to press next when prompted but we did have to listen to regular updates on how it was progressing. It is on Step 3, 40% done, backup done, upgrade done etc.

I then decided I would upgrade my nephews iTouch to IOS6 which took me 15 minutes without any issues.

I escaped after claiming my free meal, when a family member invites you over there is usually a list of computer related problems for you look at followed by a free meal. I ate my meal and took home my homework, a hard drive that they somehow have managed to push the connector inside the case.

I woke up on Sunday to a desperate call from my brother in law, 'Can you get here ASAP, I think I have broke your sisters iPhone whilst upgrading and lost all her pictures'. Another IOS6 upgrade emergency call out, I am thinking of getting IOS7emergency.com and making some money next time there is an operating system upgrade. No free meal this time and not even a cup of tea due to a lack of sugar.

A quiet weekend over, two iPhone5 upgrades, two iPhone4 upgrades and an iTouch upgrade completed.

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