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Day 3278
Melbourne, Australia
29th March 2013
I started work this week after a long break and it went well. I am still staying at my friends house in Seddon so hopefully once I get my own place my commute to work will be shorter. I had a few teething problems, missing the train, getting on the wrong tram, trying to find somewhere to get lunch but hopefully that will all sort it self out very soon.

I won the Easter raffle at work which was very embarrassing in my first week. It was a box full of chocolate Easter Eggs so I handed some out around work as my friend does not have any junk food in the house so I was not sure of the reception I would get if I walked in with a box full of chocolate.

As Friday was Good Friday we were not allowed to have meat or do any washing of clothes so it was fish for dinner and the pile of dirty clothes grew that bit bigger. After all the meat I have eaten recently it is not such a bad idea to rest and eat some fish.

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