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Day 3294
Melbourne, Australia
14th April 2013
I went to my first self-service launderette today, I kept expecting Dot Cotton to come out with a fag hanging from her mouth spreading some new gossip she had just heard but she was nowhere to be seen.

Throughout Asia and Australia I have been spoilt with a full service wash or known locally as a Wash-n-Fold but today I was all on my own armed with $50 of coins. For the past two years I have been back in England staying at my parents so I used to leave them on the floor and by magic when I came home from work they would be cleaned, ironed and back in my closet. I have a great mum :)

Four washing machines pumped away cleaning my clothes whilst I sat back with my kindle half glancing up at the people coming and going. People leaving with wet clothes to take home, people arriving with wet clothes to dry and one person came in just to watch the TV.

When I took my clothes out of the dryer they looked suspiciously smaller then when they went in, I noticed a grin from the girl next to me when I put one next to my body, I now have a pile of crop tops.

Yesterday I spent from 10am to 4pm looking at flats in Richmond and came up empty handed so the hunt for accommodation continues. I saw a few with shared laundry facilities but after this morning at the launderette I am convinced I need my own set of washer/dryer as it is a full time job with the amount of washing I generate.

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