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 Vue Grande

Day 3315
Melbourne, Australia
5th May 2013
I finally found a flat to rent in Melbourne and moved to the Vue Grande in Southbank on Saturday. I hired a car to move my stuff from Seddon to my new flat and it was the easiest move I have ever done. It helped that my car park space is the same floor as my flat so I was able to move everything from the car to my flat without having to wait for the lift and it was all done in less than half an hour.

It also helped that I only have a few boxes and suitcases as I sold everything when I left Australia two years ago. The move was done so quickly that I had time to go to Big W and use the car whist I still had it. I could have purchased more in Big W but when my trolley was full I had no choice but to call it a day.

I purchased a bed, sheets and towels the week before so I have something to sleep on and with restaurants and the launderette I should be able to survive the first week.

The next two items on my list to buy are a fridge and washing machine and then stage three will be a television and couch.

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