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 King Kong

Day 3340
Melbourne, Australia
30th May 2013
I went to see King Kong the musical as I had heard they spent four years building Kong so I was expecting a lot and unfortunately I was left disappointed.

I am a big fan of the King Kong classics and I am always interested when someone tries to improve on the 1933 version.

I was sat on the front row in the middle and maybe I was to close to the stage to fully appreciate the performances on the stage.

When King Kong came out I could see the people who were controlling him as they wore black clothes but for some reason they decided not to cover there faces. Maybe further back you could not see there faces but there I was right at the front staring into there eyes.

There was a bizarre scene with a monkey which was so silly it became funny and I tried desperately not to laugh as there was no place to hide as it was at the front.

  1. Well there is no diff only a little if u have like fikucn eagle eyes or somethin but i would rather get the PS3 if they still had any yano PS3 is the BOMB! better graphics and eveything! ooo weee!!!

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