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 June Catchup

Day 3363
Melbourne, Australia
22nd June 2013
I have not been doing anything exciting recently which is why I have not posted any updates. I have finished buying everything for my flat and nicely settled in and I have my weekends back to myself. On the downside I now have actually nothing to do at the weekends and look forward to Mondays when I can go back into work. It is nice doing a job you enjoy, some mornings I have been waking up at five in the morning and just going into work.

I am enjoying after two years of eating other peoples food to having my own kitchen and being able to get back to what I love, making and eating food. I have however dropped down two sizes in jeans since coming back to Australia as I do not have my mums pantry bursting with food and my dinner is at best two courses and definitely no desert.

I am going to Spain in just over a month to see all my family and I am very excited to see them all. If it is anything like last year I will be soon putting the weight back on. I was having one afternoon tea at my aunties and then another one at my mums as they both serve different cakes and pastries so best to cover your bases.

I have been busy buying presents for my nephews to take with me to Spain and to be honest I am looking forward to playing with some of them myself.

I am also back on the Beef Wellington which I have really missed since leaving Melbourne but one is just not enough.

And finally I have been doing obscenely long washes with my new washing machine, this is a setting which is for anything that comes into contact with your skin. It calculates the time off the weight so one set of bedsheets takes over two and half hours. The medic rinse button is for if you work in a hospital and I am always tempted to push it but I may have to wait days for the wash to end.

So that is my roundup, shopping, cooking, washing and working hard. Hardly the rock n roll lifestyle.

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