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 Spanish Update

Day 3416
Marbella, Spain
14th August 2013
My holiday is nearly coming to an end and I will have to say farewell to the two people who make me laugh on a daily basis, Jayden and Jax my two nephews.

I will forever be known as the person who treated his one year nephew to his first taste of real chocolate and what better than a Wispa.

I have had an amazing time with them both and the rest of my family. I looked forward to the early start in the morning and once I hear Jax start talking to himself I quickly scoop him out of his cot and downstairs for breakfast and play time before anyone gets up.

I have spent quality time with my other nephew Jayden and took him out a few times for dinner and toy shopping. He fell asleep on the walk into the port one night on the way to dinner so I ended up having to eat alone. I did manage to keep him awake on another occasion and we treated ourselves to crepes and candy floss.

It has been so good seeing my parents and spending time with them after not seeing them for over six months and being surrounded by all my cousins was a bonus on top.

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