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 Wisdom Teeth

Day 3460
Melbourne, Australia
27th September 2013
I have had an infection on my wisdom tooth for a while now and I have been taking antibiotics until I could go and have it removed.

They only perform this procedure once a month so I finally got an appointment at the hospital. I then discovered as I had nobody to collect me or look after me that evening I would have to spend the night there.

I managed to get an early appointment which meant that I had more time to recover before the evening. I begged them to let me go home and persuaded them with my early appointment, my concierge and my flat being so close that it was safe to let me go.

The operation went without any problems, or at least that is what they told me.

I got the taxi to stop at the chemist and stocked up on antibiotics and pain killers and then directed him to take me straight home.

At the moment I am in so much pain. I can not open my mouth to eat and I am having to live on eggs and soup. My face is all swollen on one side and I am staying in bed until I am able to start talking again.

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