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 Working Hard

Day 3656
Melbourne, Australia
11th April 2014
I have been waking up at 6AM everyday as I am working so far out of the city that it takes me one hour to get to work. When I get there the only options for coffee is a mobile coffee shop and with limited food options.

I have been working in Ringwood full time so every morning I have to make my lunch to take to work or starve until I get home. I have never worked in a suburb so far outside of the city and it has opened my eyes to suburban life but I work with a good team and a good product so it is worth the travelling.

I started working freelance for some companies in Australia so most nights when I finish my full time job I come home and code for a few hours. I only do small jobs in the week and save the larger jobs for the weekend.

If you are looking for a ColdFusion consultant then send me a tweet

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