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 Busted Knee

Day 3710
Melbourne, Australia
4th June 2014
The police in Melbourne occasionally perform a blitz on people jaywalking in the City and on the way home I noticed them at the intersection.

I was rushing home as I wanted to finish off some work so I decided to alter my route home rather than wait for the traffic lights to change.

I crossed at a different junction and again stupidly did not wait at the pedestrian crossing and instead ran diagonally across the road.

I however, did not not that in the middle of the road there was hole and lip where the tram tracks started. I caught my foot in the hole and then proceeded to trip over the lip doing my best impersonation of Superman taking off whilst drunk. Do not drink and fly!

My bag flew out of my hand landing in front of me on the tram tracks and as I attempted to break my fall with my knees rather than land head first spread-eagle on the floor and I took the full force on my right knee.

As it is on my knee it is being constantly bent so on doctors orders he has bandaged it up and I have to change the dressing every day.

The picture on the right is funny as I did not know the outer layer of the plaster came off and I walked around all day with it on!

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