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 Qatar Airlines

Day 3807
Manchester, United Kingdom
9th September 2014
My first trip to Doha and my first flight with Qatar with my new orange and green suitcases. I wish I knew Qatar use orange labels as I may not have chosen an orange suitcase as when I checked in they had trouble making the labels visible.

The flight was nice, the food was good and I was so tired I put my pyjamas on and fell asleep on the flat bed.

I was not impressed with Doha airport but it is hard to compare when you are so used to traveling through one airport.

I did not manage to have a shower but I managed to grab some water, a cigarette break and a quick wash before the second leg of my journey.

Qatar do not supply a driver so I had arranged for one myself and thankfully he was there waiting for me so I did not have to queue for a taxi.

When I got in my flat it was all nice and clean and my estate agents MICM kindly left my lights on for two months after they had inspected the property.

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