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 Birthday Cruise

Day 3901
Melbourne, Australia
12th December 2014
I had left my birthday celebrations to my friend Amanda who promised me a surprise and I was not disappointed.

The weather was so warm that I spent the afternoon on the beach trying to keep cool before I was due to meet my friends for my surprise birthday.

I met my friends outside the Etihad Stadium and was fed a lie about going to the football, so we walked through the crowd whilst all being dressed up in extreme heat. I was thinking why have they made me dress up to sit at the football?

They then pointed at the outside food court and said ‘I told you there were lots of food options’ and my heart sank. I thought I can not eat processed food on my birthday and I should of just stayed at home with a takeaway in my shorts.

We went past the football stadium and it became clear it was a wind up but not before getting caught up with the rival team being escorted by the police.

We walked to Docklands and went on a cruise to Williamstown and had dinner and drinks whilst taking in the amazing views and being thankful of the cool air.

When we docked back in the CBD and with nobody falling off the boat we all headed to Crown to steady our feet with a few drinks.

I had a great night doing something I would have normally never of thought of and spent it with some amazing people so overall it was a birthday to remember despite most of my friends being back in England.

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