Packing Up

melbourne australia

I have just woken up to a beautiful day with hot air balloons floating past my balcony, it happens every weekend as they land just opposite my flat, I can not get them all in one shot but believe me there are loads. I noticed a few weeks ago someone had put up a silver pole which ruins my view. The weather is predicted to hit 29 today so looks like it is another beach day yeah and Monday is a pubic holiday as it is FA cup weekend :)

I am now reaching the stage where it is going to get very chaotic for the next 10 days and then hopefully settle down for my last week.

My possessions have started to be sold and bit by bit my life is being dismantled, the hardest item to see leave was my dual monitor but I am finding it very hard to put my iMac up for sale. My furniture has nearly all gone, white goods go next Friday and I have to let the agent do open viewing on my flat to get a new tenant so between packing I need to make the flat is clean and tidy.

My new replacement has started at work, well he started 10 days ago but when it was brought to my attention he was having problems installing ColdFusion and Apache I had to step in and 10 minutes later he was up and running. I am hoping sometime next week to be given the opportunity to do a hand-over which will be hard as I have worked there for nearly 4 years.

Hot air balloons Melbourne Hot air balloons Melbourne