White Goods Leaving

melbourne australia

This morning my washing machine, dryer and fridge all got collected by the furniture rental company I have been using for the past 6 years. When they confirmed collection yesterday they said they were coming to pick up the bed.

After a few hours of frantic searching through paperwork we finally agreed that I had purchased the bed over 4 years ago. I am still awaiting confirmation that I have not been paying for it that whole time.

So I am down to a freezer bag, an imitation ESKY and a big bag of ice, thankfully the weather is not very warm so my drinks are still cold.

The Grand Prix is starting in Melbourne or by the sounds of it has already started. All I hear all day are the cars zooming around and they start practicing at 7am so I now have a new alarm clock.

white goods getting picked up by Living Edge white goods getting picked up by Living Edge