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Day 2547
Melbourne, Australia
29th March 2011
I have moved out of my apartment in South Yarra and I am temporally located in Reservoir before departing for England. I have only been here one day so it is a bit early to make any judgements but wow am I far away from everything LOL. The blue spot on the image is where I used to live so as you can see I have moved inland .... a lot.

I was going to the beach today but before that I had to drop my keys off at the estate agent. It is the least you can do when attempting to get any rental bond reimbursed :)

After a 20 minute wait for the train then a 20 minute train journey plus a 10 minute walk to the agents I gave up on the beach. The beach, however amazing meant then taking another train to the city, swapping lines and another 20 minute journey and it was already 1PM.

This was not what changed my mind about the beach. It was having to do it all again to get home so here I am sat in the garden with my waves crashing mood MP3 playing and no public transport for me :)

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