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 Mums 60th Birthday

Day 2622
Manchester, United Kingdom
13th June 2011
I went back to England for my mums 60TH birthday party which was a lunchtime BBQ at my parents house. The weather however did not know what we planned as it rained all day but it was still a great party and we moved all the chairs and tables inside.

My sister wrote a beautiful speech and decorated the house with balloons, banners and old pictures from her life but you could hardly tell as she did not look a day older but the hair styles gave the year away.

This is the cake she also got for her. She was amazing and I do not know what we would have done without her. She even made Friday night dinner for us all.

  1. I am so lucky so have the best sister in the world. Is there an award I can nominate her for?

    • Simon
    • Wednesday, June 15th at 8:13am

    • fran
    • Wednesday, June 15th at 10:08pm

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