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 Manchester Reunion

Day 3405
Manchester, United Kingdom
3rd August 2013
I landed back in Manchester around nine in the evening minus my suitcase which somehow did not manage to make the connection. I was at the conveyer belt waiting for my case and I got a text from British Airways saying my suitcase had not made the connection.

I went to the desk and told them and the British Airways member of staff told me to calm down the cases are still coming out and then I showed him my text message.

I got picked up at the airport by my friend and she drove me home to have a quick shower and a hunt around my parents house for some clean clothes to change into.

I then headed straight to the pub to see all my old friends who I had not seen since the beginning of the year and I had a really good night. Jet lag combined with no food and lots of alcohol resulted in a great reunion.

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