Leaving Amsterdam

amsterdam netherlands

Today was my last day in Amsterdam. It started very early due to the banging from the building site opposite our hotel which was called the Victoria. I pulled my jeans on, brushed my teeth and headed down to the breakfast buffet to get away from the noise.

To get from our room to the breakfast hall involved getting one lift from the 6TH floor to the 1ST floor. Then you had to walk across a tunnel and get another lift from the 1ST floor to the ground floor and this was a four star hotel. We stayed opposite Central Station and this was the view from our balcony at night which was very picturesque and peaceful at night and as we found out, very noisy in the day.

Central Train Station view from Victoria Hotel Amsterdam Holland

The breakfast was out of this world and I ate my monies worth. I ate so much that they kept clearing my plate away as they thought I had finished when I was up getting drink refills.

I had a thoroughly amazing and funny time, one of the best times in Amsterdam. My usual trips have all been in winter so it was amazing to be there in the sun and how little time was spent in the hotel. We had a short delay coming home, 45 minutes and managed to get a bit lost on the way home due to a diversion but I am now home safe and sound.

I have one day to recover and then off to London for Wembley CTID.

Simon Donn Amsterdam Canal Simon Donn Amsterdam Canal