Jerk Chicken

montego bay jamaica

I have left rainy Manchester for sunny Montego Bay in Jamaica where I am enjoying the warm weather and amazing beaches with white sand and crystal clear water. I am staying at an all inclusive resort which basically means I can eat and drink as much I want.

Yesterday I started the day off with a full style hotel breakfast including smoked salmon, pancakes, crepes, eggs, sausages etc. For lunch I had two burgers, a hot dog and some chicken from the Jerk Chicken man pictured with his mate who serves drinks. Even though I was stuffed I thought I would still try dinner and amazingly enough I put away a three course meal at the French restaurant which included lamb cutlets and a creme caramel.

We had a few rain showers this afternoon so it was just more of the same eating and sleeping. For a change I tried out the Italian restaurant and had a fish broth but the French restaurant is still the winner for me.

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