Coconut Water

montego bay jamaica

Tonight is my last night in Jamaica before I have to return back to England and back to work. I have had a great time here but I have eaten everything there is here so now it is time for me to move on.

I however have the full day here tomorrow as I do not fly till 7PM so I have paid extra to have my room until 4PM. I have also paid extra for speedy immigration which I have been told can save you an hour at the airport and on the way into Jamaica it took over an hour to get through immigration so it should be money well spent.

A man came along the beach today with coconuts and was chopping the tops off and putting straws in so we could drink the coconut water from them, rum was optional. They were so refreshing and held a lot of water which was surprising, I was waiting for the man to come to smash them open but he never arrived :)

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