melbourne australia

My private consultation work is increasing and I purchased some more hardware like an iMac but working hunched over a breakfast station on a stool is starting to give me pains in my back.

I joined a car scheme called goget which means I can rent a car by the hour and there are collection points all over the city.

I picked up the car and headed down to Ikea to pick up a desk and chair but when I saw the desk in the shop I was not impressed.

I walked away with the same desk I had a few years ago but this time I went for the white version with a cream chair.

Only time will tell if this was a poor choice but it looks so much better in white than the black one I previously had.

Once I had built them both, last time I had help so it was a lot harder than I thought. I was so exhausted I struggled to get any work done but over time I expect my productivity to increase.

Ikea Ikea