On this Week


Melbourne to Manchester Flight Route

Melbourne to Manchester

I have not been back to Europe in over 19 months which is the second longest time away from my family and friends since I moved to Australia 15 years ago.


Stix and Stones - Lower Plenty

Stix & Stones

Stix and Stones are a new restaurant opened in Lower Plenty and they have a smoker on site serving the most mouth watering beef brisket.


MCFC V Real Madrid

MCFC V Real Madrid

I saw Manchester City play in the semi finals of the Champions League for the first time.






Manchester City English Champions

MCFC are champions

I took Monday off work so I could go to the pub and watch the final game of the season with the Manchester City fans. It is funny when I go to the pub as you hear so many Manchester accents I almost feel like I am at home.


Vue Grande Southbank Melbourne

Vue Grande

I finally found a flat to rent in Melbourne and moved to the Vue Grande in Southbank on Saturday. I hired a car to move my stuff from Seddon to my new flat and it was the easiest move I have ever done. It helped that my car park space is the same floor as my flat so I was able to move everything from the car to my flat without having to wait for the lift and it was all done in less than half an hour.


The New Ellington Hotel in Leeds

New Ellington Hotel

I spent this week in Leeds at the New Ellington Hotel and it was a good stay apart from the rain in Leeds. This week it rained and rained and rained some more. Thankfully the hotel lent me an umbrella as it just did not stop all week.


beach play house

Beach House

I am now in Spain enjoying the sun and playing with my nephew and I am having a great time out here. The weather at the moment is gorgeous and the sun is shining and I am thinking of coming back here for a few months before I leave.


south yarra Sandringham train works

Sandringham Line

I was woken up at 4am on Saturday morning and when I looked out my window I saw a selection of lorries and diggers who were using the back of my car park as the meeting point and were exchanging loads. Later on when I got on the train to the city to get my hair cut I discovered what all the noise was, they had dug up the Sandringham line to improve the track and the beeps were all the diggers reversing.



Anzac Weekend

This weekend was ANZAC day and for the first time since I came to Australia it fell on a weekend so we missed out on a public holiday. Very Un-Australian depriving us of a day off work, as it happens I am ill so I have it off as a sick day.


Motorbike on Connex Train

Motorbike on Connex Train

I have seen some crazy things whilst I have been in Australia but this takes the biscuit!




wow 74 days since my last update ,its been a stressful period. I've moved out of Eureka and into my new flat in South Yarra. There is a video of the area so you can all check it out although the flat doesn't resemble the one I am in. It is a lot smaller at 2oorak but it forces me to keep the place tidy. So finally I'm in my flat, still with boxes everywhere. I've got a green plastic chair for dinner and a bean bag to watch TV. I desperately need a couch to sit on, lol.


Main Beach taken with Nokia Phone

Byron Bay Holiday

I've just spent the past 5 days in Byron Bay with Georgia,Alex and Leo. This was my first holiday in Australia since I started work 1 and half years ago.


Anzac Day

Anzac Day

Nothing much to say, Monday was Anzac Day so it was a public holiday, they dont call them bank holidays here. A day off work spent in bed and cleaning my flat.



On the Road

In Phuket now, just on Karon beach, I have been exploring the island and now looking for a hotel on Krabi Island to check out Railay Beach and the famous Phi Phi.