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 Samui Buri Fire Show

Day 3202
Maenam Beach, Thailand
12th January 2013
I have just had dinner at the Samui Buri restaurant on the beach and tonight was BBQ night and a fire show. BBQ Thai does not really work, I mean how do you stop the noodles and rice from falling onto the coals below.

The food was decent enough, I have had worse meals there so I am not complaining. I had enough deserts to get my monies worth and the fire show was a bonus.

I had just finished my desert and the lights went off and on the beach in front of me appeared a man holding two balls of fire in his hands. Over the next hour we were entertained by himself and his partner to a spectacle of fire displays and at one point he did catch himself in the face which looked painful.

Maenam Beach Thailand

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