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SPQR is a wood-fired pizza joint in Melbourne with a DJ spinning tunes on the decks whilst you munch into the mouth watering sourdough base that has been fermented overnight, then blasted in the wood-fired furnace until the crust crisps and blisters.

I had the Margherita which comes with San Marzano, Mozzarella di Bufala, Basil, Olive Oil and Parmesan.

After that a walk to Pidapipó Gelato to burn off the pizza make room for some  Fior di Latte Gelato.

If you love the flavour of fresh dairy – simple, clean and pure – then Fior di Latte ice cream will thrill you. Sure, vanilla ice cream is still hugely popular but that flavour is about the vanilla. And if vanilla beans are used, it is a dominant flavour. This gelato, which translates as “flower of milk”, is all about the dairy.

SPQR pizza and Pidapipó Gelato SPQR pizza and Pidapipó Gelato